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Prenatal Exercise Classes

Postnatal Exercise Classes


Term 1 is underway and Term 2 starts the week of 27th April. The term runs for 10-weeks. Book your spot now!

Prenatal Aquatic Classes

Exercising in water is one of the safest forms of exercise during pregnancy. The buoyancy of water supports the growing body, reducing impact through the pelvic joints and pelvic floor and promoting relaxation. During each class the physiotherapist will lead you through fun, safe exercises, with an emphasis on strengthening the pelvic floor, gluteals and core muscles. You can get a great workout in the pool using the gentle resistance of water and using aqua equipment makes the exercises more challenging. Classes can be started anytime and you can exercise right up until your due date.


Time and Place

DEAKIN (John James Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool)

Monday 6:30pm

Wednesday 5pm 

Wednesday 6pm

Prenatal Exercise Classes

During each class, the physiotherapist will lead you through safe and functional exercises with emphasis on core and pelvic floor strength. Enjoy a combination of strength, pilates, cardiovascular and fitball exercises. As well as receiving excellent instruction, supervision and exercises custom-designed for pregnancy, this is an opportunity to meet other pregnant women. You can join a class at any time during your pregnancy and take part until your due date.

Time and Place

DEAKIN (Origin Physiotherapy and Wellness)

Tuesday 5:15pm

Tuesday 6:30pm

Postnatal Exercise Classes  

Our postnatal exercise classes have been designed to help you return to your pre-baby fitness, while ensuring that exercises are specific and safe. Each class is run by a qualified physiotherapist who understands the needs of the body in the postnatal period. Classes focus on restrengthening the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, as well as building overall strength and fitness. Class numbers are kept small to allow the physiotherapist to tailor exercises as needed. Classes are held in venues that are cool in summer and warm in winter. Bring your baby (and your pram) with you and enjoy taking time for yourself that will leave you feeling energised, knowing your baby is close by, happy and safe.


Time and Place

DEAKIN (Origin Physiotherapy and Wellness)

Tuesday 9:45am

Wednesday 9:45am


Class Info and Cost

Classes are 60 minutes and run in 10 week blocks, running with the ACT school term. Cost is $360 for the term of 10 classes or $340 for returning clients. If the class you are joining is only 9 weeks long due to public holidays then the cost will be adjusted. If you have private health insurance with extras then you can claim a rebate (up to $19 per class). Contact your health insurer to organise your rebate.



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